Our Bank

Our sole line of business is wealth & asset management. To better serve you, we focus on private-wealth management and related activities.

With its unique economic and political stability, Switzerland is the world's centre for private banking. As a Swiss bank, Banque Privée Espírito Santo assures the strictest confidentiality regarding any information concerning you or your accounts; we are bound by Swiss banking-secrecy rules.

Banque Privée Espírito Santo is a member of the International Securities Market of the Association of Swiss Stock Exchanges, the Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland and the Swiss Bankers Association. Based in Pully, on the shore of Lake Geneva, our Bank is well-established in a region noted for its banking tradition and excellence. Easily accessible from Geneva Airport by train or by car, our Bank is centrally situated while remaining secluded from the noise and bustle of a major urban centre.

For over 140 years, the Espírito Santo family has perpetuated the tradition of a conservative, prudent institution, combining the search for innovation with excellence in the standard of service. The experience gained in the past decades has taught us that our service to clients entails a long-term commitment. We strive to create a genuine relationship of trust between our Bank and our clients. To earn this trust requires time and proven results. Accordingly, we make available to our clients a team of experienced, fully committed professionals equipped with the latest generation of material and technical infrastructure.

Banque Privée Espírito Santo provides a comprehensive range of private-wealth management services, offering a customised service and result-winning management of your assets. The two pillars of our activity are investment advice and mandated asset management.

Deposit Protection scheme
Like all banks and securities dealers in Switzerland, Banque Privée Espírito Santo has signed the Swiss Banks' and Securities Dealers' Depositor Protection Agreement. Clients' deposits are guaranteed to a maximum of CHF 100,000 for each client. Details of the Deposit Protection scheme are given on the website at the following address: